The Skinny on Weight Loss

It's a fact that everybody wants to lose weight. This is proven by the countless weight loss programs in the market, and the numerous weight loss products running the gamut of snack bars, powdered juices, shakes and even slimming soaps and lotions! Yet, losing weight can be a confusing endeavor when you're trying to make sense of all the products, programs and information out there, let alone which ones are genuine and which ones are junk.

Getting the Basic Information

It's not really necessary that you seriously study all the available diet programs in the market. In fact, many of them have conflicting principles. For instance, some would assert that small meals throughout the day can be a good diet regimen, while others would specify that a single, big meal for the day is enough and that you should starve yourself until the following day. With conflicting information like this, it's no wonder people have a difficult time losing weight.

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Before picking on the diet program or product you want to be involved in, here are essential truths you need to be aware of.

Losing Weight Takes Time

Unless you go through liposuction surgery, losing weight is never instant. Be wary of diet programs and products that promise 5-minute weight loss. Weight loss is a process that combines effort and determination. Even if you go on a hunger strike, it will take weeks before you see results.

Even if you're able to lose weight quickly, it still takes effort and determination to maintain your desired weight. This means a change of lifestyle which involves a change of eating and other habits. Losing weight is a continuing process.

Weight Loss Entails Being Active

Losing weight is not only about watching what you eat or not what to eat. An essential factor to shedding off those extra pounds is body activity. Being active helps tone your body so you look and feel good. It is an important complement to a diet program or product. If it's impossible for you spend time in a gym, regular walking or running will be enough to do wonders for your body.

Starvation Is A Bad Idea

Unless you're making a political statement, going on a hunger strike will not solve your weight problem. There is a popular belief that starvation will make you lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

When the body senses starvation, it automatically reads this as a sign of stress. Under stress, the body automatically tries to deal with it. One way is to produce hormones to counteract the stress. A particular hormone is cortisol, which stimulates fat production.

Aside from this, your body will start to retain more water. Water retention will definitely add to your body weight, since the human body is composed mainly of water.

Metabolism Varies

Metabolism is the speed of how your body turns the food you eat into energy. It's important to note that people do not have the same rate of metabolism. They vary and the rate of metabolism affects how quickly or slowly a person gains weight.

Generally speaking, people with slow metabolisms tend to gain weight easily. On the other hand, those with fast metabolisms can eat a lot yet still do not get fat. This is why eating the same food as your friend and in the same amount doesn't necessarily lead you to having the same body she has.

Your friend may be able to eat a whole box of pizza within a day and not worry about getting fat, while you eat a sandwich, and you seem to gain more than she does. This is probably due to metabolism.

Losing weight has numerous benefits. However, without the proper information, losing weight may cause more health problems than you care to handle.

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