Weight Loss Tips For New Moms

When reviewing some helpful weight loss tips for new moms, let's make sure that we have a clear understanding of where all of the extra weight came from in the first place. One thing that should be glaringly apparent is that, most of the weight gain during pregnancy is really not from gaining a bunch of pounds in terms of fat gain on your body!

Baby....................... 8 pounds Placenta................. 2-3 pounds Amniotic Fluid.......... 2-3 pounds Breast Tissue............2-3 pounds Blood Supply............... 4 pounds Extra Fat Stores........5-9 pounds Uterus Increase.........4-6 pounds
Total Weight Gain... 25 to 35 pounds

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This is really good news! Here's why. When offering weight loss tips for new moms it makes the recommendations simple and easy to start. Secondly, the task of losing the remaining weight is so much easier than what one would think. In fact, you could drop 10 pounds, fast!

Fast Track Tips for Healthy Eating:

Let's start with something we do everyday, and that is eating. Research has shown that if you eat a diet primarily of high fiber vegetables, grains, fruits and lean proteins such as turkey, chicken or fish, you body will respond in such a way to where you will actually begin to lose wait naturally.

The important thing here is to remember that if you lean more toward the protein side of consumption, this kind of food places a higher metabolic demand on the body, thus you burn more calories. If you so choose, because you lead a vegetarian lifestyle, you can get super high quality protein from whey and soy proteins.

Fast Track Tips With Exercise:

A major recommendation are far as weight loss tips for new moms is concerned is that the weight loss process can be accelerated dramatically, by adding exercise into the daily routine of your new life with your baby.

It is very important to ease your into exercising, especially if you were not much of a workout person before. If you regularly exercised in the past, and even during the pregnancy, then most likely you can start your exercise program within days of being at home, IF you had a normal healthy vaginal birth. If you have no prior history of fitness training and exercise, then you may want to wait about 6 weeks. In either case, always consult with your physician, first.

Go Slow! Yes, I understand that you want to drop 10 pounds really fast, or more, but it's very important that you ease yourself into your exercise regimen. It's recommended that you use low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming or yoga. Take a little time and design your very own personal exercise program - something you can stick to - and encourage a friend or another new mother to do it with you.

Whether you gained the right amount of weight during your pregnancy or a little more than you should have, that is okay, because you now have the opportunity to do something about it and reach that goal to look good in a swimsuit again! Oh yeah!

These are just a couple of weight loss tips for new moms, but they are the major ones!

Best of success to you in reaching your fitness weight loss goals!

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