The Best Weight Loss Exercise

The internet is a gateway to information but a lot of it is different so it is hard to choose who to listen to. Whatever subject you are interested in you will find at least three different ways of doing it from people online. Some may suit you, some may not. I have created this article to help those who are looking for the bet weight loss exercise. You don't have to read this article, like I said there are other ways online, but in this article I will explain what I think to be the best weight loss exercise.

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Weight Training
That's right I think that weight training is the best way to lose weight. Let me go through it in more detail.

What is weight training
Weight training is using weights to increase muscle mass. These weights can either be weights in a gym, sand bags at home if you don't have enough time to go to the gym or you can even use your own body weight to build up your body mass.

How does it help lose weight
It not only builds up muscles but it also goes on to burn a lot of calories as you workout. It is also known that by having muscle you also lose weight faster (plus it looks pretty nice).

Cardio workout VS Weight training workout
This is a pretty tricky one to pick. Yes cardio does burn more calories but the problem is when you stop cardio your calorie burner goes down. This is the exact opposite in weight training. It may not burn as many calories during the workout however, when you finish weight training your body starts to repair the muscle fibres you damaged while working out and this needs energy which comes from calorie, therefore I think that if you are looking to burn calories fast and quick go for cardio, but if you are looking to burn them over a period of time and build muscle mass as well go for weight training. You can even mix them up if you really want to.

What to do whilst working out
whilst working out an important factor you don't want to forget is drinking water as it keeps you hydrated. Water has more uses than that though, it also helps you lose weight (didn't know that did you?). Water increases the efficiency of the kidney which aids the liver with metabolic reactions (metabolism). By fuelling the kidney you make it easier for the liver to covert stored fat into energy. Don't just drink water while you exercise. Drink it 8 times a day and keep your metabolism high (it also defines your muscles tone).

That is it. The best weight loss exercise in my opinion is weight training and with the help of drinking water, it is even better. You don't have to take my word for it, go and try it out and see the results that come from this which are not weight loss but an increase in muscle mass


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