Weight Loss - 5 Key Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight

Why can't I lose weight? This is a question that is asked by many, but is very rarely answered properly. There are many programs, diets, pills that promise you success in weight loss, but which never occur. So why weight loss doesn't occur for you:

1.You are eating too much during the evening: The food that you consume is just fuel for your body to function. Many people have a massive meal at night and then finish it off with desert.Why? You will be going to bed soon which does not require very much energy, so why overload your body with food which will just eventually turn into fat. So have a lighter meal during the night and increase weight loss.

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2.You don't eat 5-6 meals a day: I can't do this, weight loss will never occur. This is where you are wrong. If you have 5-6 smaller meals during the day, it is easier for the body to digest and use to produce energy. 3 big solid meals which will greatly reduce weight loss.

3.You don't drink enough water: Dehydration can cause a reduction in performance. This may mean you don't feel like exercising, you cut short your exercise or you simply just sit back on the couch, which all add to prevention of weight loss. Hydration needs to occur to allow for a full days work to be completed.

4.To many cheat meals: Don't get me wrong one cheat meal a week is fine as it will help you prevent burning out and maintain the goal of weight loss. But those who have one a day and keep telling themselves its no problem are just tricking themselves. Constant cheat meals is just undoing all the hard work you have done and will enhance weight gain not weight loss

5.You are not burning what you eat: Put simply you are not burning more calories than what you consume. For weight loss to occur, you must make the body use fat as a fuel source, which is caused by burning more calories than you consume.

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