Weight Loss For Beginners 101

Obesity or overweight is the gift of modern day lifestyle; it is the prime risk factor for some of the chronic and serious diseases like hypertension, cardiac complications, strokes, diabetes, osteoporosis and many more. These diseases are not only debilitating but also chronic resulting in increased morbidity and mortality. Apart from disease being obese and overweight has serious social impact. Modern day life is not helping to curb this process in other words it is making obesity become a worldwide problem with ever increasing fast food culture, and a fast moving life style has given the young generation no time for outdoor activity of exercise. However with increasing awareness everybody is looking for a way to lose weight.

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Here are some of the tips for the beginners, who are planning to lose weight. First and foremost one must know the meaning of weight loss and the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Generally both are presumed to be same; however the term weight loss might just imply on the measurement of body weight, so the loss of body weight might also be due to loss of water, if an individual weighs in morning they always weigh less this is because of dehydration the whole night so they weigh less.

So all aim is to be to loss fat which is the main reason for obesity, fat loss is not very easy and requires discipline so beginners should make at least an hour of time only for exercise, this time should not be used for anything else and should always be used for workouts, beginners can start with light cardio exercise like thread mill for 30 min or cycling, if an individual as an access for swimming then this is the best form of exercise as all parts of the body are worked out and will lead to leaner and fit body. Beginner can also start with body weight exercise they can start with light weights and increase the weight once they develop muscle power and strength.

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