4 Great Tips to Succeed at Weight Loss

Many millions of Americans fight the weight loss battle with little success. While there are a variety of reasons for this outcome, most just plain give up instead of addressing the errors they made. Let's start by acknowledging that losing weight is very hard to do. It requires planning, patience, consistency and a good deal of knowledge about exercise and nutrition. If your program is falling apart, don't despair. Learn how to stack the deck in your favor so you avoid the mistakes that can undermine any weight loss effort. In this article I will disclose 4 great tips to success at weight loss.

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1. Be realistic in your expectations. Weight loss is a journey. It is not a sprint where the first one to the finish line wins. Rather it is the one who sets the right goals, and works steadily toward those goals who wins. Don't make the mistake of setting goals that are too aggressive. Avoid too strict of a diet. Reducing calories is important. A moderate reduction is better. Cutting too deep can cause your metabolism to slow down, and your weight loss program is no longer effective. Cutting too deep also risks not getting enough of the right vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients you need.

2. Use a buddy system. While some will do just fine dieting alone, for most it is much easier with a buddy. Having a buddy to share your diet and exercise routine will make it much easier. You can be there to encourage each other and to push for that little extra that really makes a difference. Rely on your friends and your family if they know you are working on weight loss. They can become your best support group by providing encouragement. They can also shield you from the temptations of baked goods and fatty foods. Others in your buddy system should be your physician and trainer.

3. Set your goals for success. However, be realistic in the goals you set. Make sure your goals are aggressive, but now unattainable. That way you will push yourself hard to reach your goal, and it is achievable. Coming close will still provide a positive feeling, while missing altogether because the goal wasn't realistic will lead to frustration and possibly quitting your weight loss efforts altogether. Don't make it a practice to weight yourself on a daily basis. Be balanced in the foods you cut back on eating. Don't overdo the exercise, especially when you first start. Your goals can increase over time. However, slow and steady is the way to start and succeed.

4. Know who you are and what you prefer. Don't make the mistake of trying to become something you cannot. Set realistic goals for weight loss and for your final appearance. Be happy with yourself and the steps you take as you progress in your journey to the perfect weight for you.

To your weight loss success!

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