The Benefits of Weight Loss and the 3 Worst Reasons to Diet

Weight loss can be a sensitive subject for many, especially when so many people look to anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders that cause permanent damage to your body. Weight loss can be a very good choice for your health, but if not done right it can also be harmful to your health.

A lot of people who are overweight say that they are comfortable with their bodies, however, they could really benefit their health if they shed the extra pounds. Even if you do not mind carrying a few extra pounds, you should consider the health benefits of losing some of the fat.

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If you are overweight, you are at a higher risk for several health disorders. You are at an increased risk of a heart attack, and studies have shown that you only have a 50% chance of surviving your first heart attack. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are usually symptoms of having your heart work too hard trying to pump blood through fat clogged arteries. This is when weight loss would be the healthy choice.

Being overweight can make it a challenge for women who want to have children. When a person is overweight, they often times do not produce the correct hormonal chemicals needed for ovulation or to have a child. Even if you do become pregnant, being overweight puts you at an increased risk for a miscarriage and health issues with the baby.

Of course, there are some of the obvious advantages of starting a healthy weight loss program. If you are overweight, it can be harder to find clothing that fits you or maybe that the larger clothing is simply more expensive. Poor confidence can stem from being overweight.

So how do you decide if YOU need to lose some weight?

First let me point out that weight loss is a personal option. However, if you are over 20 pounds overweight, losing the pounds is essential to your improved wellbeing and energy. You can compare your weight to others that are your same height but this is not usually the safest plan since there are differences between fat and muscle ratio to body weight. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is actually a safer choice of measurement than looking at your bathroom scale. Having the right BMI can give you more energy, greater mobility, a healthy heart and more confidence.

The 3 Worst Reasons to "Diet"...

1) If you are just comparing yourself to a model on the cover of your favorite magazine, then you may as well be comparing yourself to some third world country, skinny kid from the cover of National Geographic. Let's get practical. Often times, models and actresses are airbrushed in photos to look more slender than they actually are in real life. They also are not necessarily healthy. If your body weight is normal, you do not need to lose weight, even if you are a size larger than your favorite celebrity.

2) Just because you put on xx number of pounds of weight this year, does not mean that you have to get rid of those pounds. Did you gain weight because you are now taller than last year? Or because you are now working out more and you have more muscle mass? Muscle does weigh more than fat, so in this case weight gain is OK.

3) You should not start a weight loss program just because your boyfriend says that you need to. Everybody has a different body build. If you are within the normal weight for someone your age and height, then just eat healthy and be confident about who you are. Exercise is always good for anyone, whether you are overweight or underweight.

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